About Us

The mission of the Multnomah County Democrats is to engage and share our resources with the people of our County to empower them to raise their voices through their votes and community actions.

We invite all registered county Democrats to join our Party. You can represent your neighborhood as a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) and help guide the direction of the Party or join us a volunteer. Together we all work to provide opportunities for voters to learn about and influence local and statewide politics.

As Democrats, we envision and demand a government designed by and for the people. We are fighting for:

  • A healthy and sustaining environment
  • Affordable healthcare
  • A secure future through strengthened Medicare and Social Security
  • Honest and fair elections – the ability to vote and know your vote will be counted
  • Fair wages and the freedom to bargain for them
  • Unbiased enforcement of our laws and respect for diversity
  • Shelter for yourself and your family
  • Social justice – corporations are not persons, money is not speech.

BECOME EMPOWERED – Together we can achieve peaceful change!